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Aesthetica Medi Spa Testimonials

Re: BlepharoplastyBotox, Permanent Plugs

I found Dr. Logani to be an excellent surgeon as well as a compassionate, caring individual. I received excellent care during and after the surgeries. Dr. Logani‘s staff (surgical & administrative) are knowledgeable, helpful and professional at all times. I would recommend Dr. Logani’s surgical skills without hesitation and complete confidence.
- Barbara F.

Re: BlepharoplastyEndoscopic BrowliftBotoxMicrodermabrasion

I would like to comment on the procedure you performed for me. The upper eyelid, brow and removal of the puffy deposits under my eyes is fantastic. Not only has the surgery healed beautifully but your continued kindness in responding to my phone calls personally and being available is exemplary. I have been so happy with the results of the Botox injections (1999 to present) and earlier this year the Microderm has been helpful in shrinking the pores on my face. I certainly give my permission for you to share my results with prospective patients. Thank you again for your kindness and talent.
- Carolyn K.

Re: Ophthalmic Orbital Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Logani: your success with the above procedure has afforded me more comfortable and improved eye sight. I am very pleased with my appearance. Good Job. Thank you very much.
- John J.

Re: Blepharoplasty

Eye Surgery was one of the best decisions I have made. The overall affect it has had on my facial appearance is phenomenal. I am only sorry that I waited to have the surgery done. I no longer wear eyeglasses to camouflage my eyes. This surgery has given me such a positive change in my appearance and I recommend it highly.
- Frances J.

Re: Upper Lower Lids

I can only say that the Doctor and the staff at the Northridge office are the finest group of people I have met. The staff did an outstanding job with my insurance company and I had no problem at all. The doctor (Sangeeta), well, she is the best. She made me feel very comfortable and free to ask any questions and was always there when needed. Keep up the good work.
- Doreen G.

Re: Upper Eye Lids

I am so satisfied with the results, procedure and recuperation time. I must say, I was very nervous about doing the procedure, but so happy I did. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is contemplating this procedure.
- Linda C.

Re: Reduction of fat under eye, and eyelids.

Dr. Sangeeta Logani is absolutely awesome. She is very caring and loving. She is so skilled at her work. I wouldn’t trust anybody with my eyes and the procedure she performed. I trusted her and she did amazing work. I have no scars. Nobody thinks that I had surgery and 98% of the time I wear no make-up.
- Marina B.

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